Thursday, November 29, 2007

Script Rev 16 posted

Work on pesky little fill-ins like shooing the current Bessey houses and getting businesses around town is continuing.

I posted the current rev of the script in its usual place here. For yucks, here's the history:

v16: Jubilee was located where Villa Del Sol APARTMENTS, not the martial arts / Bay Leaf STRIP MALL is today. Jack must have missed this if he didn't think about the Del Monte building moving southwest 1 block in the early 1990s. So "It is now a strip mall" -> "It is now an apartment complex".

v15: Blame Canada. Graveyard ref St.Cath as well.

v14: Tiny rev in order, for easier editing, of order around "No Bessey is alive today".

v13: Found a color picture of the Murphy House in 1960, so add "shown here in a rare color photograph".

v12: Delete "he moved his family to Canada"; not needed and causes edit problem with KenBurners.

v11: Changes to accommodate the passing of Jack Rowe and Ann Zarko: Jack we change to past tense, Ann "who at age 96 WAS still active in Sunnyvale affairs PERIOD". Inflection change on "Earth stake into the ground". Different sentence to accommodate different intro of earth stake into the ground section. Change to THIS in "likely took his final strolls in THIS small park next door".

v10: Changed "Western" to "West Coast". Inserted part about AEB buying Armstrong some drinks to get license -- put in the Armstrong section. Both VO changes done already.

v9: The only thing that's new for v9 is that St. Catharines is spelled like that, with two "A"s and no apostrophe. This will NOT need a change in the audio voiceover.

v8: LOCKDOWN for voiceover.

v5..v7: EDITING and revisions.

v0..v4: BRINGUP for test showing.

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