Monday, March 26, 2007

Interior Thugs Editing Done

I don't have a lot of time to post a large update with lots of text and pictures, because editing and other shooting is still well underway. Shoots still to do: 1) Bessey and iPod Girl, 2) Graveyard; then it gets to non-people involved shoots such as Radio table-top, Sunnyvale Farmers Market, simple stuff like that.

The delicate old-time movie glow around edges is a little bit lost in these small images, by the way.


Gemfinder said...

This looks pretty high budget for a local production. Where are you getting the costumes and such?

Ben Koning said...

Haha, yeah, good, looks that way huh.

It's all (near) zero budget. Costumes have been made by going to costume shops and spending a couple hundred dollars, my parents modifying them, etc.

I've been lucky to get good locations like the orchard and barn -- these are Sunnyvale institutions and it helps to buy the right people some good Whiskey.

My Dad has been instrumental in building things like dolly tracks and rigs to mount the camera in strange places. Also, I've been building things like lights that take real "Hollywood" Kino-Flo tubes but have my own fixtures, that way I have $2500 movie lights for $300 or so. Also a LOT of prop-building has been going on. It adds up: $75 here for a tie, $50 there for a hat, $75 for an old-time radio speaker horn, etc.

So, yeah, just a ton of work and little money spending that together adds up to a lot (but still a bargain in production terms). This is why this project is taking such a long time. Nevertheless, it should be finished by this fall.