Monday, February 5, 2007

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Well, my friend Bill Mitchell finally told me to get with the times and put all this Bessey Status stuff up on a blog. I was resisting because I thought it would be a pain (hmmm, why am I a Luddite if I'm a computer programmer?), but it was super easy.

I know I've been working on this film for a long time, and nobody wants to see the progress pick up more than me.

The problem is that I want everything to look nice, and that just takes time.

After this Barn Interior shoot is done, things get much, much easier. The shoots that follow are easier in nature, in that they either require fewer or no people in front of the camera (table-top interior shoots, Sunnyvale building shoots) or are simpler (a bunch of people standing at a gravesite -- the camera makes a move, but that's all).

Besides prepping for shoots, I occasionally work on the graphics and maps as well.

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Gemfinder said...

WOW, that was fast. I mentioned this at a quarter to five today, and it's already done.