Monday, February 5, 2007


Hi everyone,

Things have been a bit busy at Apple to say the least, but nevertheless progress has been creeping forward, with a couple of shoots and a bit of computer graphic work.

Thanks to the INCREDIBLE work by my dad, we've been, without breaking the bank, doing shots with the camera 22 feet up in the air, 18-foot dolly shots, shots looking straight up from a POV inches from the ground -- big camera, limited-capability lens, yet in close quarters or with a mini dolly move (how? a mirror-and-vertical-camera-mount arrangement that we call "the periscope").

Over the Christmas break I'm fortunate to have Dave Lyons record some vintage 1920's music and talk shows from his parents' mechanical Edison record player.

Enclosed are some still frames. THEY ARE OF LOW QUALITY (small, compressed) to lessen mailbox burden.

-- EXTERIOR THUGS: Walking up to THE RADIO SHOP getting ready to shut Bessey down.
-- Some computer graphics work, tweaking animations, making chicken footage look old, Jack Demo garage house exterior, etc.
-- Exterior putting up old antenna/ground for Echophone Radio Power-Up demo.

As always, my progress depends on how busy I am with work.
On top of this, my dad has been doing most of the work of putting in a new floor and bathroom in my condo! Incredible.
If anyone wanna sponsor my day job away :-) then it'd get done a lot quicker :-) !

Here is the updated recently-done / to-do production (shoot) list as of 21-Dec-2006.
Several things have moved to the DONE section and no new things have been added !
Remember that is is production, not post-production. That's a whole new phase.
[N] = probable order.

todo easy crew ben Old Sunnyvale Exploration [1]
todo hard crew actors Graveyard [3]
todo easy make sign Fake (real, actually) "BESSEY CT" Street Sign [5]
todo CRITICAL crew actors Charlie's Barn Intro Interior / Thugs Serving Bessey His Notice [2]
todo CRITICAL crew actors Orchard Conclusion / Bessey To iPod Girl
todo medium - - Murphy Street / Farmer's Market Beauty
todo medium - - Sunnyvale Businesses Beauty
todo easy car rig Sunnyvale Residential Beauty [4]
todo hard - - Echophone Radios Beauty Tabletop Glass Rotation / Rig Removal [6.1]
todo hard - - Vintage Radio Power-up Audio Hear Tabletop [6.2]
todo - st.catharines Obtain St. Catharines Historical Photos
DONE CRITICAL crew actors Orchard Intro Exterior / Thugs Serving Bessey His Notice
DONE easy - - 1360 Exterior Beauty
DONE easy - - New Museum Groundbreaking ENG
DONE medium - extras Vintage Radio Power-up Exteriors Antenna/Ground Prep
DONE medium - actor Young Bessey Railroad Tracks Felton
DONE medium crew family OHPIE Visitor Family

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