Monday, February 5, 2007


I just got back from my trip thru the Midwest. I did shoots in rural Iowa (Bessey's radio station, KJJ, was received by one Charles N. Schwab of Grinnell, IA) and Chicago (the ECHOPHONE headquarters (later HALLICRAFTERS) is now a music store there).

Enclosed are a few (28) thumbnails of recent shoot activity.

As the summer wears on, I'm focusing as much as I can to get "sunny" shoots out of the way. I have a list that's still quite long. I'm not doing any indoor shoot until the outdoor ones are done first. (For example, actual beauty shots of the radios, and probably the Bessey Foreclosure Notice *INDOOR* part).

Next up: A re-creation of the Murphy overland trek. Knee-down shot only. I got a historic wagon wheel from someone on Hwy.50 for this (anyone want a wagon wheel for their house?). Tony, are you and your wife available for this? (2-3 hours, Morgan Hill, very late afternoon, also need 2 extra helpers).

Thanks especially to Mom/Dad/Don/Monte for their help in the recent orchard/model-T shoot. And of course Ric and Tony (actors) and Ralph (model-T owner). And the Lyons Family for their hospitality in Iowa!


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