Monday, February 5, 2007


(Jack -- I don't have Jason's (the script reviewer) email handy; could you forward this?)

Hi everyone,

Several small shoots were done since the last status email: Aerial views, children at the "old" museum, Jack driving, Jack walking past electronic equipment at Weird Stuff Warehouse. The script has been revved per Jack's and Jason's input (thanks to their input, my writing is much improved in places and also several re-arrangements of scene order implied by their input was very beneficial). The "Joseph D. Cappa" voice I got re-recorded and now sounds very professional and less like a crazed gold miner.

Here is rev 6 of the voiceover. I pretty much expect this to be "it" and won't take any more changes unless somebody finds something really important. Soon this will be the basis for lock-down of voiceover and music timing.

I'm very happy with the script -- I think it's a solid story, and a lot of the footage I'm shooting is looking pretty decent :-) .

The model-T car in front of *somewhere* TBD with two actors, one handing off a Bessey radio to another, is next. I need to think / recover from the last shoot a bit to mull over the light control logistics. Beyond that (mid-late July/August?) will be the orchard/barn/interior/exterior actor shoots. Regarding these shoots, my apologies for talking a lot about them before they suddenly seem to happen -- it's me being otherwise busy and/or planning. The outside lighting control will be a bigger challenge for me.

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