Monday, February 5, 2007


The story and timing cadence of ECHO OF THE FUTURE is pretty much locked-down now. A test screening of a rough cut / animatic at a Sunnyvale meeting (thanks to my dad for taking my voiceover reference film and adding pictures) went very well.

It will be about 40 minutes and is now going out to the voiceover and music professionals.

Enclosed is the VO script if you are interested.

I'm excited about how this project is going, because I've been told that the script really moves along and is compelling. The story is everything, and for a while I was worried if I could pull it all together and make the viewer care. I think I've done that now.


Gory Details Section:

With VO + music (and the addition of a foley track after picture complete), the audio design would then be complete.

The video is another matter: Animated maps, historic recreations, etc. Things are chugging along, though. The rains have not helped. Aerial photography is imminent. Title design, Jack Rowe walking into the museum, and Jack Rowe and me in the car seem to be the foremost things, any one of which may catch my attack-lust first, and all of which are large jobs. Model-T and actor stuff is in the planning stages. A large "THE RADIO SHOP" sign has been made for one of the re-creations using Charlie Olson's barn.

Oh, if only I didn't have my day job --- if it seems to some of you that this is creeping along at a snail's pace, it's because of: Better, Faster, Cheaper, pick any two. I'm picking Better + "Cheaper" (yeah, right), the Faster is what's suffering, but I'm OK with that. This will, however, be my last Standard-Def project.

Since I'm handing it over to the professionals, the VO and music will be excellent. So, *my* challenge will then be to keep the beautiful images coming, which has worked out okay for the interviews so far but now we're getting into Crane and Steadicam and Outdoor Lighting Control and Actor territory!



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