Monday, February 5, 2007


Hi everyone,

Over the last month I've managed to do 2 more shoots and done the (After) Effects work that they require to paint out modern stuff, etc.

Enclosed are some still frames. THEY ARE OF LOW QUALITY (small, highly compressed) to lessen mailbox burden. The real stuff is better of course.

-- Young Bessey (location: Roaring Camp Railroads -- check out the "Jubilee Incubator Company" toolbox our intrepid actor is carrying!

-- Modern-day Orchard/OHPIE visitors. Dolly track shots.

-- Groundbreaking of the new SUNNYVALE HERITAGE PARK MUSEUM.

((( For those of you who don't know: Nearly 40 years after it was brazenly torn down over citizen objections, a replica of the Murphy House -- it was practically the de facto capital of West Coast before San Jose or Sacramento -- will greet visitors to Sunnyvale's Orchard Heritage Park. Replica on the outside, Period / Ag / Defense / Tech exhibits on the inside. It figures into this film as an example of a city restoring its soul, regaining pride in its past. )))

I thought I'd show a little bit of what happens when I process these images on a before/after tip. Note the After Effects screen shot where I'm making a Model-T Ford roll down a Sunnyvale street. Rotoscoping car windows is hard.

Other than processing images this way right after shooting -- sort of my preferred workflow -- nothing is really happening on the post-production front, but I am planning the very initial stages of a North America map graphic.

On the research side, I am getting help from the St. Catharines Historical Society (Cananda), where Bessey was born.

As always, this wouldn't have been possible without everyone's help!

And as always, my progress depends on how busy I am with work.

Here is the updated recently-done / to-do production (shoot) list as of 9-Oct-2006:

todo easy crew ben Old Sunnyvale Exploration [1]
todo hard crew actors Graveyard [2]
todo easy make sign Fake (real, actually) "BESSEY CT" Street Sign [3]
todo CRITICAL crew actors Orchard Intro Exterior / Thugs Serving Bessey His Notice
todo CRITICAL crew actors Charlie's Barn Intro Interior / Thugs Serving Bessey His Notice
todo CRITICAL crew actors Orchard Conclusion / Bessey To iPod Girl
todo medium need crane Murphy Street / Farmer's Market Beauty
todo medium - - Sunnyvale Businesses Beauty
todo easy car rig Sunnyvale Residential Beauty [4]
todo easy - - 1360 Exterior Beauty [5]
todo hard - - Echophone Radios Beauty Tabletop Glass Rotation / Rig Removal
todo hard - - Vintage Radio Power-up Audio Hear Tabletop [6]
todo medium - extras Vintage Radio Power-up Exteriors Antenna/Ground Prep
todo - st.catharines Obtain St. Catharines Historical Photos
DONE easy - - New Museum Groundbreaking ENG
DONE medium - actor Young Bessey Railroad Tracks Felton
DONE medium crew family OHPIE Visitor Family

There's a method to all this madness. Some of you sometimes ask how these things fit into place:

[1] ("Only a strip mall remains ...")
[2] ("No gravestones, no plaque, no memory ...")
[3] ("Perhaps they should be remembered ...")
[4] ("One of the most desirable places to live ...")
[5] ("Jack showed us the radios in this Silicon Valley garage ...")
[6] ("You are listening to an actual Echophone radio ...")
[7] ("We hung up an antenna ...")
[8] ("Because history is never important, until it's too late ...")
[9] ("On 10 acres of land ... that will remain an orchard forever ...")

Anybody know what the procedure is for renting a scissor lift crane?

All right, now back to (day job) work (I didn't prepare this email at work -- I'm only sending it from work :-) ).

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